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Outline of person with headset and belt line computer

It is not hard to imagine the potential of a fully intelligent voice assistant. An entity that travels with us, quietly and patiently watching and listening, learning and monitoring, ready to bridge lapses in memory or gaps in knowledge, to point out inconsistencies in reasoning, to issue reminders and alerts, always ready to provide impartial support.

Currently we can talk to computers and they can detect our words with a reasonably high degree of accuracy. They can follow predefined paths of reasoning and complete simple tasks. However they are not really able to learn in the broader sense, or to understand in any depth or participate in a progressive interaction, one which explores the unknown with confidence.

Progress in science is normally made by researchers making small incremental additions to an existing body of knowledge. It is less able to handle leaps into the unknown. Advancing towards more intelligent voice agents in computers may require more adventurous steps than normal academic progress can provide.

The goal of IT4GH is to imagine itself free of restrictions on progress, to explore unusual ways of tackling the learning and understanding process.




Reach out to us at info@it4gh.com or 613-454-5369, but note that phone frequently defaults to message since we are often working with audio in the lab.


What: IT4GH is a private research effort to improve the way we communicate with computers, particularly by voice. Using both artificial intelligence and rules based approaches we seek to tackle the harder problems of general and super AI.


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